Beth investigates a drugs mystery

On patrol with Pc Tony Stamp, Pc Beth Green reveals that she has just applied for a job in Witness Protection; it could be the end of her days at Sun Hill. As they’re talking, they suddenly see a woman standing on a bridge, about to throw herself off. The woman jumps, and Pc Nate Roberts, arriving as back-up, swims to her rescue. Searching her pockets for ID, they discover that her name is Molly and she works at a local boxing club. She is also carrying a bag of heroin.

DCs Terry Perkins and Jo Masters quickly head to the boxing club in search of answers. There they meet trainer Andy Marcom and his young protege, Dylan. The owner, Charlie Davies, is shocked to hear the news about Molly. He shows the officers her desk, where they find two more bags of heroin. A search of the club uncovers yet more heroin, and it becomes clear that Charlie is hiding something.

Beth, meanwhile, wants to take a softly-softly approach with Molly and is angry when Terry pushes her for quick answers. But Molly finally tells the truth: she saw Dylan hiding the heroin and, convinced that he was acting under force, took the drugs to hide them herself. Under questioning, Dylan admits that he was bullied by someone into stashing the heroin.

Back at the station, Terry congratulates Beth on a great job and the pair are reconciled. She joins Tony and Nate at the club, where they are watching Dylan’s boxing match, and breaks some unexpected news to them: Witness Protection have offered her a job; she’s leaving Sun Hill.