Beth is attacked

It’s Sergeant Smithy’s first day in the hotseat as Acting Inspector. First mission: dispatching his officers to the funeral of a murdered supermodel, Cindy Statham.

As they struggle to keep the funeral under control, Larry Franks, the man who confessed to Cindy’s murder, is taken to hospital after a suicide attempt. Shortly after arriving, he escapes. PC Beth Green tracks him down, but after becoming increasingly agitated, he knocks her out.

Smithy’s big day gets even more complicated when he receives news of an armed robbery in a building society. Sergeant Nikki Wright speeds off to the scene of the crime and discovers that the robbers are former employees and have escaped with £20,000 in cash.

After tracing the suspects and breaking into their homes, two men are questioned about their involvement. They protest their innocence, until Smithy finds incriminating evidence in one of the men’s pockets – two tickets to Miami, leaving today. Determined to get to the truth, Smithy tries to understand why his seemingly timid suspect would commit an armed robbery and flee the country.