Beth is furious at David’s admission of guilt

Beth shows David her awful rash and tells him Nick can expect a visit from Environmental Health. But she flips when David reveals that her rash was caused by hair dye and is nothing to do with the bistro food. She turns on Kylie, but they’re stopped in their tracks when the Environmental Health Officer arrives.

As Simon snuggles up to Leanne on the sofa, they’re interrupted by the police knocking at the door. Simon cries out as the police take him away for questioning as Ken dashes across the street. Breaking down, Leanne admits to Zeedan how she reported Simon to the police, not just for injuring Kyle but for the abuse he’s subjected her to.

Izzy confides In Erica that her hip is painful and her painkillers aren’t working. Erica offers to get her some cannabis, but Izzy’s reluctant.

Ken tells Audrey about their problems with Simon. When Ken tells Sally he’ll have to step down as her campaign manager, Norris and Mary argue over which of them should take his place.