Beth’s furious when Alf and Ric bring a hurt Matilda home from the party. Ric tries to explain that his drinks were spiked, but Beth doesn’t want to hear it. The next morning, Ric arrives to apologise, but Beth’s unimpressed attitude leads Ric to lose his temper.

Later, Beth tells a stunned Matilda that she is forbidden from seeing Ric until she’s 18-years-old and ready. Matilda heads over to Ric’s to break the bad news. He’s furious and leaps to Matilda’s defence when Beth turns up to take her home. But when Tony reminds Beth that she has to let her daughter make her own choices in life, Beth agrees to have a rethink, and tells a delighted Ric and Matilda that she’s willing to trust them.

Elsewhere, Peter continues to hit the tablets, raising Dan’s concerns that his brother is finding it difficult to adjust after so long in hiding. In reality, Peter is finding his addiction increasingly difficult to cope with and calls on Amanda for help, and heads over to her place where he admits his addiction is ruining his life. Amanda offers to help him detox at her place, but he’ll have to make up a story so he can hide out there for a few days.

*Shown on RTE on Monday March 5*