Bethany is in big trouble!

Bethany’s need to please Nathan puts her in danger with Neil in Corrie!

Explaining that Nathan’s throwing a party, Neil takes Bethany back to the flat. Nathan urges her to keep up the good work with Neil. When Neil leads Bethany towards the bedroom, she looks to Nathan, willing him to come to her rescue. When he gives her an encouraging smile, will Bethany go with Neil?

Rosie wants to expose Gina to Sally, but Leah begs her not to, bitterly explaining that Gina’s been ill but with no support from Sally, it’s fallen to her to look after her. Back at home Rosie tells Sophie that Auntie Gina is Sally’s stalker.

The police discuss Adam’s release, concluding Tracy and Amy know more than they’re letting on. Promising her a surprise holiday, Tracy orders Amy to pack a bag.

When Todd confronts Drew, he reveals the real reason for his move to Weatherfield…