Sarah admits that Callum has dumped her and she intends to move back to Italy. Bethany’s horrified and calls at Callum’s flat, desperate to sort her mum’s love life out so she doesn’t have to return to Italy. Witnessing Gemma arrive with a delivery of drugs, Bethany suggests Callum rekindles his relationship with Sarah and in return she’ll keep quiet about his line of business.

Leanne tells Simon that Grandma Deirdre has died, but he appears uninterested, leaving Leanne worried. When Roy and Carla call at No 1 to pay their respects, Tracy makes her feelings for Carla clear and slams the door in her face. In the Rovers, the regulars raise their glasses in a toast to Deirdre.

Gail’s unimpressed to find Eileen and Michael enjoying dinner together in the bistro, but she still breaks the news to them of Deirdre’s death. As Michael comforts a devastated Eileen, Gail watches, consumed with jealousy.

Carla heads off in a taxi to a casino in town.