When Bethany calls at Callum’s flat he explains he’s got work to do but suggests she accompanies him. He dupes Bethany into buying a stash of drugs on his behalf and as she accepts the package, Callum secretly films her on his phone.

When Tracy receives a text from Robert cancelling their evening together, Beth suggests they pay Robert a visit at his restaurant. Robert feigns delight but as Tracy pulls him in for a kiss, Joni enters revealing that she’s Robert’s wife!

Kevin tells Sally he’s off to see his bank manager about a business loan, and Tim confides in Craig that he’s not good enough for Sally. Later, the factory girls hear music and head out to see what’s going on. Sally sees Tim clutching a bunch of flowers and is stunned when he goes down on one knee and proposes.

Also, Beth finds a holiday brochure and tells a bemused Kirk he’s the best husband in the world, Luke’s plans to look at a stock car are scuppered when Maria asks him to babysit, and Gail accuses Eileen of trying to steal her husband.