Bethany faces the wrath of the Platts

As Kylie, David, Sarah, Gail and Max gather round to wish Lilly a happy birthday, Bethany broods over the lies she’s told the police. Under pressure, she announces that Max was lying about the assault, and that she’s given the police an alibi for Callum. David and Kylie are horrified and Bethany cowers at the wrath of the Platts.

When Carla leaves Aidan in charge of the factory, Nick suspects that she’s heading to the casino. Meanwhile, Alya is amused by Aidan’s attempts to deal with an irate client and he later tells Carla he’s moved Alya’s desk onto the factory floor.

Steve tells Lloyd that Liz reckons he and Erica would make a lovely couple and Lloyd admits he likes the idea. As Lloyd and Erica enjoy a drink together they’re interrupted by the arrival of Andrea. Clocking their closeness, she storms out and Lloyd’s left confused about who to choose.

Steve’s thrilled when Rover turns up at the pub again. When Cathy leaves a mess in the kitchen, Roy does his best to mask his irritation. Fiz worries that Hope’s tumour might be serious.