A vulnerable Bethany goes home with Nathan

Rana allows a drunk Bethany to get into Nathan’s car in Corrie

With Nathan still asking Bethany to give him an alibi, she is torn. Mel takes Bethany into town and plies her with vodka. As Bethany staggers out of the club, Rana spots her, but suddenly Nathan pulls up in his car, assuring Rana he’s a friend and he’ll take care of her.

Toyah tells Nick that Peter should be allowed to spend more time with Simon. Once at Peter’s, Simon tells him he is missing a party at the Trafford centre so Peter agrees to drop him off there. But later when he can’t get hold of Simon on his mobile he panics.

Steve and Michelle return from Ireland and as Michelle heads off to bed, Liz hands Steve the urn containing Ruairi’s ashes.

Alya, Rana and Kate head into town to celebrate Alya’s birthday. As Adam waits for his interview in a solicitor’s office he invites the receptionist, Trina, out for a drink.