The manager suggests Craig should talk to their new dancer, Maddison, as she was working close to where the incident took place. Craig’s stunned to discover Maddison is none other than Bethany. Craig listens in disbelief as Bethany explains she enjoys working as a lap dancer as it gives her a sense of power over men. Craig’s appalled but Bethany tells him that if he can’t accept her job, then it’s over between them.

Shona calls in the pub and discreetly hands Eva a pregnancy kit. Having given Adam the brush off, Eva pulls out the test and is horrified to see it’s positive.

Eileen tentatively quizzes Alya about Luke’s relationship with Phelan. Unknowingly Alya says enough to put Eileen off the scent. Now convinced of Phelan’s innocence, when Anna phones again, Eileen threatens to report her.

Toyah’s shocked to hear Simon’s been stealing vodka and wonders if he was responsible for the missing bottle at Christmas, forcing Peter to admit to a shaken Toyah it was he who was tempted to drink. Sean makes samples for Aidan.

Second episode of the evening.