Bethany lashes out at Sarah and Gary!

Bethany flips when she realises Sarah and Gary have locked her in the flat.

Nathan arrives home with Bethany’s next client in tow, but is furious to discover Bethany gone. Meanwhile, Sarah and Gary bring Bethany back to No.8. When she wakes up Bethany’s shocked to discover Sarah and Gary have locked her in and goes ballistic. Can Gary and Sarah contain Bethany’s fury?

Aidan makes out that the hotel booking was meant to be a surprise for Eva. Will Eva buy it? When Johnny’s leg gives way and he collapses in front of Johnny, he plays it down. Will Kate tell Jenny?

Leanne tells Toyah that Nick’s right, she put her ex before her own son. Toyah tears a strip off Nick, accusing him of bullying Leanne because he’s jealous of Steve and Peter.

When Billy admits he’s worried that Summer could end up in care, will Todd help out? Daniel and Sinead return from Oxford.