Bethany tells Craig she’s finished with Nathan

Bethany continues to lie to her friends and family

It’s Bethany’s birthday and she feels a pang of guilt as the Platts spoil her. Craig is delighted when she lies and tells him she and Nathan are over. His reaction does strike a chord with her, but when she later sees Neil and he tells her to be ready with her passport she rushes home, where Sarah finds her going through the draws and realises what she is looking for.

Gail visits Shona in hospital and warns her that David knows she has a son. When David arrives at the hospital Shona starts to tell him about her child, Jimmy, who went off the rails but Gail is stunned when she sees David gently kiss Shona.

Aidan arrives home after some afternoon delight with Maria to discover Eva wearing nothing but a basque and a smile! Can he rise to the occasion again?