Beth calls in at the Kabin and is delighted to see her article in the Gazette, but Norris takes delight in telling her about the derogatory comments he’s read about her online. Beth’s left depressed and self-conscious when she reads the comments, which poke fun at her figure.

Owen loses his temper and blames Gary for the mess they’re in with Phelan. In a rage, Gary takes matters into his own hands, leaping in the van and driving off. He tells Kal of their situation and explains he intends to break into Phelan’s house and steal the DVD. But as Gary tries to disconnect the burglar alarm at Phelan’s house, he sets it off and panics.

Over breakfast, Peter jokes with Simon, but Carla’s clearly preoccupied and she asks Michelle to accompany her to the abortion clinic.

Also, David and Kylie plan a romantic evening out; Gail agrees to babysit although she dreads being alone in the house; and Nick gazes fondly at Leanne, his feelings for her evident.