Mason and Beth are continuing to tick things off Beth’s bucket list and go for a romantic skinny dip, followed by a moonlit dinner. When Beth asks Mason what would be on his bucket list he tells her he’d love to dress up like James Bond and go to the casino.

Beth loves the idea and the pair set to work making plans but when Mason fills in Tori, his big sister is concerned to discover Beth intends to miss a hospital appointment and warns Mason just how fragile Beth’s health is.

Taking  Tori’s advice on board, Mason tells Beth he thinks they should postpone the trip as he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. However, she convinces him she’s fine and says they should go. But as the pair set off in the car, Beth begins to feel faint and passes out at the wheel causing the vehicle to veer off the road!

As Beth struggles to breathe a terrified Mason desperately calls for an ambulance. Is Beth going to be OK?

Elsewhere, suspicions mount that Robbo could have killed Dylan in self-defence when more startling evidence comes to light.