Betrayed Chas explodes!

*Second episode
As James’s infidelity bomb drops, Chas is furious. Hurt by his betrayal, she insists he leaves. The drama continues on the steps of The Woolie as James has a barney with Emma, which gets worse as Pete chimes in. But James’s messy love life is soon put on the back burner as he’s caught up in another kind of hell…

When Aaron finds out his mum has been messed around by James, his anger builds. And when he then clocks Robert with Chrissie and bumps into love rat James, he can’t contain his rage and sends James crashing to the ground!

Ali suggests she and Rachel job share so she can fit in more visits to Sean in hospital. It’s bad timing for Lisa who was hoping Belle could fill in Ali’s gaps.

Donny shows he’s not to be messed with as he comes up against Paddy – and then Cain. Lachlan’s loving seeing his dad in action and later proudly tells Lawrence all about it. But Donny’s swagger vanishes when he receives a menacing text message!