At No 1 Ken, Audrey and Tracy prepare for Deirdre’s surprise party when they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Ken’s surprised to find that it’s Bev, who breaks the news that Deirdre died this afternoon. Ken, Tracy and Audrey can only look at her in stunned silence as Bev explains how she passed away. In the pub a devastated Liz and Bev break the news that Deirdre has died.

Sarah’s concerned when Kylie tells Sarah that Callum tried it on with her yesterday. Confronting Callum, she demands to know if what Kylie said is true and he responds by dumping her.

Cathy apologises to Roy and asks him if he’ll return to the house with her and make a start on clearing out all the rubbish. At Cathy’s house, Roy surveys the piles of mess and forms a plan as Cathy tries to share his enthusiasm.

Michael and Eileen enjoy a drink in the bistro, clearly fond of each other.