Bex can’t comprehend what’s just happened

The Fowlers struggle with the aftermath of the events at the prom

Bex, Stacey and Martin are finding it hard to get their heads round what happened the previous week. Someone in the Square comes to the shock conclusion that their life may never be the same again, while another resident is determined to get revenge… Will there be more troubles to come?

Lauren is still reeling from Steven’s big revelation and encourages him to tell Ian and Jane what’s going on. Insisting he doesn’t want to worry them, Steven refuses to say anything. When Lauren later hears an emotional conversation between Steven and Ian, she tries again to get him to open up to his dad, but he won’t be moved. Trying to change the subject, Steven then drops a bombshell on Lauren when he asks her if he can adopt Louie.

Meanwhile, Max finds out what he needs from Carmel’s files, but what is he up to next?