Bex has been so fed up with Sonia after witnessing her kissing Gethin, that Sonia is confused. Talking to Michelle, Sonia is taken aback when Michelle points out that Bex might have a crush on her teacher. Bex, meanwhile, has it out with Gethin for kissing her mum. Worried about what Bex will do, he apologises for his behaviour, begging her not to tell anyone about their own kiss. Gethin points out that if it does get out he could lose his job or go to prison…

Carmel has a heart-to-heart with Kush over her worries for Arthur and for Stacey’s state of mind. With Kush not proving much help, Carmel decides to take matters into her own hands. How far has she gone to protect Arthur?

Ben is still in two minds about whether to accept The Arches from Phil. Frustrated with Ben’s stalling, Phil turns to Kathy for advice and she gives him a few home truths.

Also, Michelle fears Tom’s stalking her when the Mitchells get anonymous phone calls. Meanwhile, Keanu has his first life modelling session – and Ingrid turns up!