Sonia is worried about how things are going with Tina, after ruining Tina’s saucy surprise by bringing home an upset Martin. When Martin begs Sonia to look after Arthur while he visits a mother and baby unit, Sonia puts her foot down and refuses. Later, Sonia talks to Kush and he starts to open up to her, but they’re interrupted by an irritated Tina. After reassuring Tina that things are fine between them, Sonia ignores a call from Martin. She’s left stunned when Bex bursts in with worrying news… Martin and Arthur have been in a car crash.

Abi is alarmed when Ben insists on going to a doctor’s appointment with her. At the surgery, Abi is relieved when the doctor asks Ben to give them a moment alone. Abi confesses to the doctor that she’s not pregnant – she’s faking it. The doctor encourages Abi to come clean, but instead she tells Ben that the baby is due in October!

Kathy convinces Sharon to meet up with Gavin after revealing she knows what went on. When Gavin apologises to Sharon and insists he wants to be a good dad, Sharon can’t listen, telling Gavin they’re through. Hinting to Kathy that he has another plan, Gavin later takes Dennis. Sharon panics and is about to call the police when Dennis returns home. Sharon is determined to never let Gavin near her family again.