Bex has it out with Sonia!

Sonia has second thoughts about leaving Walford when she sees it’s upsetting her daughter Bex...

Sonia breaks the news to a devastated Tina that she’s leaving tomorrow. When Bex has a go at Sonia for quitting the Square, Sonia starts to have a change of heart. After a chat with a supportive Martin, Sonia feels better about her decision but she hears Tina and the Carters talking about her. Left to care for Sylvie with no help from Tina, Shirley gets a taste of what Sonia’s been dealing with, although she’s still angry with Sonia for leaving! A fed up Sonia gives Shirley a reality check about caring for Sylvie.

It’s the day of the hearing for Paul’s killers and Les insists that he and Pam confront the situation. At the hearing, Pam has a chat with a woman in the toilets, only to realise she’s one of the killers’ mothers. Pam and Les wait anxiously and are devastated as the killers plead innocent. Back in the Square, Pam tells Les she’s struggling with his behaviour. Les is stunned when Pam says that he needs ‘Christine’ to help him cope, or their marriage is over!

Whitney is anxious about staying in the Vic when the baby comes, worried she’ll get tied into pub life. After Whitney suggests to Lee they rent one of Jack’s flats, Lee asks his mum and dad for financial help. Linda is upset they want to leave but is persuaded to understand. There’s no chance of Lee and Whitney going anywhere, however, as Jack won’t give them a discount.