Darcy is waiting outside school when she sees Jett and he explains that they will never be anything more than friends. Taking the news badly, Darcy burst into tears, just as Heath arrives. Heath pursues Jett demanding to know why Darcy is in tears, forcing Jett to explain what happened. Heath goes home to comfort his daughter and the pair eventually make up. Heath and Bianca decide to fight for custody of Darcy again.

Nate is still upset and unsure of what to do about Sophie. Leah sees how sad he is and Nate tells her he wants to make his relationship with Sophie work. However, Leah is quick to point out that he should be wary of getting back into a relationship after the pair’s history. Despite Leah’s opinions, Nate explains that some of his greatest moments in life were with Sophie and he can’t let that go.

Sasha is desperate to convince Matt they can both be school captains, yet Matt is adamant he’ll stand down. But when he speaks to Leah, she makes him realise that the pair of them wanting to be school captains isn’t a problem, but his attitude is. Matt tracks Sasha down to tell her they can both be school captains.

Meanwhile, John and Marilyn are still ‘trialing’ living together and this makes Alf realise how much he will miss Marilyn when she moves out.