Bianca and Heath take a big risk

Liam is recovering in hospital, with Bianca by his side. Charlie is anxious again – she and Brax lied to the police about the car accident. Inspector Joyce questions Heath and Bianca, and they sign sworn statements testifying they were in the car that Liam hit.

Then, news comes in that Benji’s mate Sam was caught in Queensland and has confessed to driving the robbery getaway car. Brax is in the clear, but Charlie, consumed by guilt, tenders her resignation to the force.

Indi and Romeo are going through a rough patch. She’s annoyed with him for walking away from Harvey and the boat business. Sid overhears them arguing, and decides to have a word with Alf. He’s not happy that Alf remained loyal to Harvey rather than Romeo.

Alf decides to delay the sale of the Blaxland while he reconsiders Harvey’s offer. Indi eventually realises Harvey is a creep and tells Sid to warn Roo about him. He eventually does, and in the process he’s forced to admit he still loves her.

Irene has taken a step back in her recovery. To help cheer her up, Elijah, Roo, Alf, Marilyn and Leah hold a pink ribbon fundraiser for her.