Summer Bay is in the grip of a terrifying storm. The school becomes an evacuation centre… but then the roof caves in! Heath and Bianca find themselves trapped in the rubble together. With plenty of sexual tension between them, this is far too close for comfort.

Leah is stuck in The Diner, battening down the hatches for the downpour. On learning that VJ has disappeared from school she panics, but Elijah offers to help her locate him. Leah’s pregnancy is at risk from all the stress and she suffers some bleeding. VJ finally arrives, totally unaware of the concern he has caused.

Romeo locates Harvey who is in a bad way. He manages to get him into the car, only to be stopped short by a fallen tree. Things take a turn for the worse when their vehicle gets bogged down, dangerously close to a cliff edge. It’s touch and go whether the two will make it out alive. But eventually, Romeo frees the car and he and Harvey return safe and sound. Romeo is hailed a hero.