Bianca and Liam are in a passionate embrace on the beach. But the next thing we know, Bianca is slapping Liam in the school corridor! A series of flashbacks shows what’s gone on…

Gina questions Liam and Bianca – why did she slap him, particularly on school grounds? Bianca reveals she was engaged to a prince and he made her feel like a princess. Bianca was happy with the fairy tale… until he cheated on her. So when Liam called Bianca a princess, she was filled with rage and slapped him. But as for the kiss, neither Bianca nor Liam is sure how it happened. They discuss it and another argument erupts. Gina punishes both Liam and Bianca by asking them to do an inventory at the library after school together for the next two weeks.

Angelo tells Alf that his family wouldn’t be proud of his new restaurant and there is some bad blood there. Angelo then tells Charlie that his family consider him a failure. When he was younger, he worked in the family restaurant. A fire broke out and his parents blamed him for it. The business was meant to be Angelo’s, but instead his family handed the business to Paulie, Angelo’s brother.

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