Bianca’s former fiance, Vittorio, arrives. He reckons he’s there to win her over and Bianca’s taken aback. She’s supposed to be having dinner with Liam, but cancels, feigning illness. Liam is very concerned about her, which makes her feel even more guilty for lying.

Bianca tells Vittorio that he broke her heart and she’s not interested. Vittorio apologises for cheating on her – he wants another chance and asks Bianca out for dinner. She agrees and before she knows it, they’re kissing… with Liam secretly looking on.

Indi tells Sid that she and Romeo broke up. Romeo confides in Nicole – Indi said she loves him but he can’t say he loves her back, and that means they probably shouldn’t be together. Nicole thinks that Romeo is comparing Indi to Annie and he should give this new relationship a chance.

Marilyn is caught between Sid and Mitzy. Sid thinks Marilyn should ignore Mitzy’s prediction about Marilyn dying, and so does Alf. But Marilyn is more upset that Sid promised he would tolerate Mitzy’s beliefs and hasn’t.

Sid asks Mitzy to stop ruining Marilyn’s life with her doom-mongering. Marilyn and Sid agree to disagree and decide not to discuss Mitzy and her predictions again.

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