Bianca baffles Liam

Bianca attends her first counselling session and the conversation turns towards her relationship with Liam. The counsellor draws her attention to the fact that she and Liam were already having problems before the attack, and perhaps they never addressed these issues. After her session, Liam finds Bianca on the beach and she tells him all about what the counsellor said. She then floors him with her decision: they should break up.

Indi and Romeo tell Sid they’ve decided they want to move back in, and his reaction takes them both by surprise. Indi is clearly happy to be home, but Romeo can’t help feeling like an outsider among the Walkers.

Sid is still struggling to cope with the solicitor’s life-changing news and has taken up residence on the couch. Dex and Indi have had enough and force him to go and apologise to Roo. He instead finds Elijah and confides in him about having another daughter called Sasha.

Having talked things through with Elijah, Sid breaks the news to Indi, Romeo and Dex. After much discussion, the kids inform Sid they want to meet Sasha.