Bianca bears the brunt of Liam’s anger

Bianca can sense Liam is feeling down since his record label dropped him and gets Roo to ask Liam to play a gig at the Surf Carnival. Liam turns down the offer when he hears he wouldn’t get paid. Bianca is crestfallen to hear he won’t play and when an irate Liam snaps at April, Bianca confronts him. Liam keeps his drug use a secret and when he finds out that Bianca set up the gig, he yells at Bianca to let him sort out his own life.

Leah senses awkwardness between her and Miles. She begins to suspect Miles harbours feelings for her and later he drops the bombshell, confirming he’s interested in her. Miles leaves Leah to absorb this and Leah can’t help smiling. Do these two have a chance..?

Elijah hears his attacker, Billy, is walking the streets again. He approaches Billy, eager to convince him he meant no harm. But Billy assumes Elijah’s going to try something again and threatens him with a knife. Elijah manages to talk him down and explain that he didn’t mean to hurt Billy. Charges are dropped on both sides and Elijah, believing to have some control of his life back, moves out of the Summer Bay House.

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