Bianca can’t face the funeral arrangements

Bianca is still struggling to cope with Rocco’s death and when the hospital calls about the funeral arrangements, she asks Irene to take care of it. Later, Heath calls in wanting to help with the arrangements but Bianca tells him it’s being dealt with.

When Cheryl finds out she storms round and berates Bianca on Irene’s doorstep for abandoning Heath. While Irene sees her off, she sympathises with Heath’s plight – he needs to be part of the funeral. Bianca comes round to the idea and apologises to Heath; they’ll prepare for the wake together.

April learns of Rocco’s death and heads over to comfort her sister. Dex tries to help but April snaps at him and he’s left feeling powerless yet again.

Meanwhile, the police can find no trace of Kyle Braxton but the prosecutor allows Casey out on bail for the five weeks before his new court date. If they can’t find Kyle by then, they’ll press further charges against Casey.