Bianca clashes with Ricky

Bianca is stunned when Ricky turns up at Pat’s. Ricky demands to know why Bianca didn’t sort things out before the kids were taken away. Bianca sees red and starts throwing things and Ricky is forced to retreat. Bianca confronts social services and demands her children back, but they refuse until they can find appropriate accommodation for them all. A desperate Bianca says that she has found somewhere to stay…

Shirley returns to the Square without her biopsy results but keeps it to herself. Shirley thanks Phil for his support and they share a moment but they are interrupted by a surprise visitor – Vinnie! Shirley tells him she’s too busy to talk, but he stands up in the Vic and tells everyone how he feels. Shirley tells Phil that she wants him not Vinnie and Phil is speechless.

Gus gets a surprise visit from his Aunty Opal (Rustie Lee) and he takes her to the Vic. Gus is surprised to find Keisha singing the words from one of his poems and an excited Aunty Opal assumes that they are an item. Gus is about to set her straight when a cheeky Keisha says they haven’t gone official yet and gives him a flirty kiss.

Also, Jack spots Sean selling drugs at the club.

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