Bianca confronts Liam about the mugging

The police leave without questioning Liam, as he’s still out of the house. When Liam returns, Bianca confronts him about Tamwar’s money belt. Liam lies that his mate found the belt, saying he’s going out to return it. After finding out Liam hasn’t given back the belt, a worried Bianca learns from Kat that Tamwar’s muggers have been identified as a gang from a local estate. Bianca’s fears are confirmed when she finds Liam hanging out with the gang. 

Kirsty argues with Max about his connection with Tanya. Knowing that Tanya didn’t tell Max the truth about where Abi was last night, she spitefully reveals that Abi was in bed with Jay. After warning Jay off, Max backs down when Jay insists he loves Abi. Heading to Tanya’s to give Abi and Jay’s relationship his blessing, Max is irritated to find Jack there and throws him out of the house!

Alfie invites Kat to the karaoke night at the Vic, saying he needs to talk to her. When Kat gets to the Vic, Alfie is too busy to spend time with her. Kirsty stops Kat leaving, encouraging her to stay and have a drink. Alfie finally has a word with Kat, telling her he wants a contact order for Tommy so he can have a say in Tommy’s life.