Bianca is on the warpath after Liam’s revelation about David and Nikki. After David presents a delighted Carol with tickets for a honeymoon in Florida, Bianca takes him aside. Realising he’s been cornered, David reveals part of the truth, saying Nikki came on to him but he rebuffed her. A furious Bianca attacks Nikki, pushing her into a pile of rubbish bags. Rescuing Nikki, Terry learns that Nikki and David slept together. When Terry breaks the news, Bianca tells David to call off the wedding if he has doubts.

Dean arrives to support Stan ahead of his court appearance, making Johnny and Nancy suspicious of Dean’s doting grandson act. Confronting Dean, Nancy gets him to confess that Stan is taking the rap for him. When Dean discovers that Stan is hiding bruises, he makes a big deal of it, prompting Stan to cover for Mick. Stan tells Mick that he wants the money he lent him for the Vic.

Tamwar is rattled by the condolence card he found at Lucy’s funeral that says “rot in hell”. Pondering the card, Tamwar recognises the handwriting and confronts the culprit – Whitney! When Whitney defensively reveals that Lucy was bullying her, Tamwar throws the card away. Shabnam finds the card and pockets it.