Bianca discovers Zac’s booze stash

Hannah thinks that maybe if she and Evelyn showed Zac some support then he might stop drinking. Zac is heartened to see Evelyn turn up for Gina’s memorial, and promises to get his act together. Later, Bianca apologises to Zac for Heath’s behaviour but then discovers his whisky bottle in the desk drawer.

Heath finally introduces Darcy to her new baby brother. But Darcy senses some tension and tells Heath that Harley should live somewhere else if it will cause problems for Heath and Bianca. Heath decides to take Darcy and Harley to the memorial so they can hang out as a family and is angry to find Bianca talking to Zac. When Heath begins to get aggressive, Darcy yells at them and runs off.

Summer Bay prepares for the dedication of a new award to commemorate Gina’s contribution to Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Irene suggests Chris apologises for his inappropriate comments on his date with Tamara. He takes her advice but Tamara’s response isn’t as warm as he hopes for.

When Marilyn receives a mysterious phone call, she says she’ll meet Jett and John at the memorial. But John begins to worry where she is as the memorial starts. After Zac unveils the new prize, Jett is moved to make an impromptu speech.