Bianca comes home after the embarrassing incident with Liam. She finds an upset Lily, who has found the brochures from the boarding school in her mother’s bag. Bianca goes looking for Gypsy, and is mortified to find her in a compromising position with Liam on the beach. Bianca lashes out at Gypsy and Liam for being so indiscreet, but when Gypsy reminds her how hurt Liam is over how Bianca’s treated him, she is forced to face the fact that her life is a mess as well.

Gypsy is honest with Liam about their rendezvous the night before, and admits it was probably a mistake. She tells Liam she needs to sort out her problems with Mark and Lily first and foremost. Liam is pretty disappointed, but even as Gypsy walks away from him, their sizzling chemistry is still apparent.

Casey is confident the lawyer can get him off the arson charges. But then a collection agent comes calling at Cheryl’s, and the extent of her debt is revealed. Brax is forced to spend all of his money bailing her out – leaving Casey with no defence team and the prospect of going to jail!