Bianca faces an impossible decision

Heath and Bianca agree to stay at separate houses until they find out who trashed and shot at the house. But feeling like they need a break from the mayhem and to find a safer place to be together, Heath suggests going away for a weekend. Bianca is excited but, as she considers it, she opens a letter from the education department, which says her request for a transfer has been approved.

Chris decides to confront Casey about his relationship with Denny. But when he sees Denny and Casey on the beach he gets angry and won’t back down, even though Casey assures him there’s nothing to worry about. The argument gets heated and Casey hits Chris!

Later, Casey finds Kyle unconscious in the storm water drain behind the house and calls an ambulance. Phoebe is still missing but Bianca finds her at the pier, and they rush to join the family in hospital. Frustrated, Brax demands answers off Kyle as soon as he wakes up, but he admits that he didn’t recognise the intruder. Kyle tells Phoebe he’s still worried for her safety, but she refuses to leave.

Also, still struggling after losing Ricky to Brax, Nate is surprised when his wife, Sophie, turns up in the Bay.