Bianca finds Terry with Whitney!

Bianca is distracted as she waits for the results of her gene test. Terry tries to make things easier for her by helping take care of the kids. When Whitney breaks down after her mistaken kiss with Johnny, Terry is there to console her. Walking in on Terry hugging Whitney, Bianca has a flashback to Tony’s abuse and lays into Terry, ordering him out of the house.

Linda is happy to have her eldest home with her, as Lee settles in with the Carters at The Vic. Although thrilled by Lee’s return, Mick is still uneasy about why he’s returned. When Lee spins Mick a story about why he didn’t come straight home, Mick accepts him at his word. A conversation with Stan, however, makes it clear that Lee is hiding something from his family.

Jay is gutted to learn that Abi will be moving away from the Square after getting an offer at a university in Liverpool. Trying to make things right, Abi suggests that Jay could go with her. Meanwhile, Lucy and Lauren are chuffed when they get their first contract for the business, and Ronnie sets Roxy up on a date with Aleks.