Bianca gets a shock

Henri decides she can’t teach Casey any more as it’s clear their feelings for each other are inappropriate. Unfortunately Heath sees them together and teases his little brother, warning him to stay away from Henri as she’s out of his league, and the two come to blows. Later, Casey turns up at Henri’s house with a bloody nose and, as she tends to his wounds, the emotional tension leads to a kiss.

It’s Irene’s birthday and she’s booked dinner for close family and friends. She invites Eddie along and is disappointed when he asks to bring a friend, but Bianca encourages her to explain her feelings to him. When Irene tells him she wants to get to know him better, Eddie is happy to oblige. Liam, however, is growing more and more suspicious of Eddie’s motives…

Liam is supposed to meet Bianca for her first ultrasound, but his bike breaks down, so April joins her instead. Although the baby is healthy, the news isn’t all good: Bianca is further along than she thought, making Heath the real father of the baby!