Bianca gets the baby blues

The novelty of having Rocco at home is wearing thin for Bianca and Heath. A sleepless night followed by seemingly endless crying leads to Bianca storming out and Heath running after her, with a screaming Rocco being left in the arms of Uncle Brax. Heath catches up with Bianca and reassures her everything will be fine and that she’ll make a great mother, and they return to find Brax cradling a sleeping Rocco.

Gina meets with Molly from social services and asks why she hasn’t heard anything about Jett. Molly, however, is rather vague and it’s only when Gina pushes her that she explains she thinks Jett is keeping his distance because of the way John acted when Richard came to collect him. Gina starts to blame John for frightening Jett away but when he turns up in the city unexpectedly, she realises he cares about Jett as much as she does.

Natalie is excited to finally have a place to live when Leah offers her a room in her house. She and Leah pay Bianca and Rocco a visit and Leah spots that Natalie is interested in Brax. Later, she warns her against getting involved with the River Boy but Natalie reveals it’s too late and Leah has to suppress her jealousy.