Bianca has a breakthrough

Bianca wakes up from another nightmare and is confronted by Irene and April, who suggest it’s time to start talking about her rape. Bianca finally opens up to Liam, and tells him she wants to work through things together. Bianca encourages Charlie to carry on with the investigation.

Dean arrives in Summer Bay to visit his sister Kelly, and is very charming towards Gina and John. But Xavier’s still suspicious and interrupts an argument between Kelly and Dean, discovering Dean is pressuring Kelly to sign over her share of the farm.

Xavier confronts Dean and seems to convince Dean that he is being unfair. Dean then apologises to Kelly, but adopts a new strategy. Xavier senses trouble when Kelly explains Dean’s idea – to sign away her share of the land, with an unwritten promise she can get it back.

Bianca has another vivid nightmare and remembers a tattoo of a bull’s head on the offender’s back. It’s the biggest clue to her case so far. But when Bianca goes for a walk on the beach, feeling more relaxed than she has in a long time, she spots Dean – and he has a bull’s head tattooed on his back.