Bianca has a revelation about Ricky

Bianca finds Dot chained to a shelf in the launderette and Dot reveals that Mr Papadopoulos is trying to make her retire. Dot insists she’s not leaving but she breaks down and lets Bianca unlock her. Bianca takes Dot to the Vic for a drink. Ronnie has locked up, but she persuades her to let them in.

Ronnie and Bianca argue and Dot leaves them to it and sadly collects her belongings from the launderette. Bianca and Ronnie stop fighting. Ronnie asks Bianca if she still has a soft spot for Ricky, but Bianca is dismissive. Ronnie tells Bianca about Joel and reveals that he’s Danielle’s father. Dot interrupts their heart-to-heart and gives them the retirement clock and comments that the older you get the faster it goes.

Dot leaves and Bianca breaks down and confesses that Ricky was the one good thing in her life. Bianca heads home, resolving to tell Ricky her feelings, but she finds a note from Ricky saying that he had to go away. Ronnie heads to Joel’s and in front of Stephanie she tells him that if he loves her he’ll come home with her. Meanwhile, Dot calls Mr Papadopoulos and tells him she has no intention of retiring…