Bianca has a surprise guest – it’s Terry’s ex Nikki!

*Hour-long episode*

Bianca’s stressed about the overcrowded house, kicking off with Terry Jnr when he ruins her stock. It’s the last straw when Terry returns home smelling of booze when he should have been running errands for her. After Terry gets the kids to tidy the house, Bianca is grateful. But her happiness is short lived when Terry’s ex Nikki turns up on the doorstep!

Kat is unsure about moving back into the Vic with Alfie, worried it’s too soon. After some words of wisdom from Terry Kat rethinks, telling a delighted Alfie she’s coming home. Roxy is hit hard to see Kat in the Vic, watching her kissing Alfie. Getting drunk and rowdy with Carl, Roxy has a fall after dancing on the table. When Alfie goes to help, Roxy screams at him to get away, letting Phil take her home instead.

Jake is irritated when Sadie arranges for him get a job in Scarlett’s. Bumping into Lauren, Jake ruefully tells her they should avoid each other. Unable to keep away, Lauren visits Jake in Scarlett’s but is disappointed when he ducks her kiss. Jake has food for thought after a minor run in with Sadie, however. Searching for Lauren, he grabs her for a passionate kiss.