Bianca is forced onto the streets

Bianca is homeless and drags her kids Whitney, Liam, Tiffany and Morgan to her friend Charmaine’s house and begs her to put them up but Charmaine is unable to help. Bianca leaves the kids with Charmaine while she visits the housing association, but they fail to find her a place. Bianca collects the children and lies that she’s found accommodation. The family have nowhere to go and are forced to bed down for the night at a bus stop.

Pat is still suspicious that Janine has only turned up to the funeral to see what she can get. Pat confronts Janine about her past lies and Janine tries to defend herself. Later, Pat gets a call and discovers that her villa in Spain is ready for her to move into…

Chelsea takes Clare with her to try and find her father Lucas and they arrive at a posh house in an expensive neighbourhood. Lucas isn’t at the house but they are given another address for a local church. Chelsea sees Lucas (Don Gilet) and introduces herself, but she’s nervous and runs off before he can react.

Also, Ian tries to gain an insight into runaways by talking to Diane about her own experience of running away as a teenager.

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