Bianca learns of Jess’s terminal illness

Ricky has lunch with Nate, preparing for her flight to London to start a new job. While there, Nate reveals that Jess is suffering from terminal cancer. Ricky tells Bianca who then confides in Irene, telling her she plans on leaving Heath. Bianca and Zac run into each other and have dinner together. After several drinks, they arrive back at Bianca’s. She invites Zac in and they end up in bed.

Zac and Hannah hold a family lunch with Evelyn, Denny and Oscar to discuss Hannah dating Andy. Despite support from both Leah and Evelyn, Zac is in a dilemma over the relationship. Zac speaks with Hannah and both decide to work things out for the sake of the children. However, she catches Zac looking at her phone when she receives a message from Andy and accuses him of spying on her, causing Zac to storm out.

Elsewhere, Chris organises dinner with Denny at the Pier, only to be pulled into the kitchen by Irene to work. Denny later confides in Hannah how much she likes Chris.