Bianca leaves Summer Bay

Heath tells Bianca that distance will not change the fact that they are back together and Bianca feels better about leaving Summer Bay. Heath and the others bid farewell and she drives herself to the city to start her new job. Later, Heath suddenly gets scared he’ll lose her and calls her up. 

After Sophie and Nate sleep together in the principal’s office, Nate immediately regrets his actions. Later, Leah asks Nate about Sophie and Nate tells her that Sophie was addicted to pain killers, and abused his trust in order to obtain drugs. Despite this, he’s never stopped loving her. The next time Sophie bumps into Nate, she tells him that she is no longer the person she was in the past but Nate is adamant – he can’t even be friends with her.

Casey’s still trying to avoid Denny but Brax tells him he should tell her he wants to be with her or he’ll regret it. Chris complicates things by visiting Casey in order to thank him for taking a step back from Denny. Taking Brax’s advice on board, Casey puts his heart on the line and tells Denny that he wants to be with her. 

Leah asks Matt where he’s staying, but doesn’t confess that he is secretly sleeping at school.