Bianca lies to Morgan about his dad

Morgan starts asking Bianca awkward questions about his skin colour. Bianca lies to Morgan that his dad is President Obama! Whitney is not happy with Bianca for lying to Morgan. When she notices that Morgan needs new trousers and Bianca is strapped for cash she takes matters into her own hands. Whitney contacts Morgan’s real dad, Ray.

Carol is hopeful that David will stay in Walford despite his usual habit of doing a flit. David has a chat with Janine and is insulted when she suggests he only returned to see what cut he’d get from the will. The undertaker visits to arrange the funeral. David and Carol find themselves agreeing to the Premier Service and are shocked to discover it will cost 15,000 pounds.

Carol calls Max, asking for help with the funeral costs. David is annoyed as he doesn’t want Max involved as he knows that Derek will be included. Max and Derek turn up to discuss the funeral costs and Max outrages Carol by suggesting she’s sleeping with David. Carol tells her brothers to stay out of her life. David asks Janine to stump up the extra cash instead. Later on, David and Carol confess that they still love each other!