Bianca shows up in the Diner with a hangover from a night out with Heath. Irene gives her a stern warning about getting involved with troublemakers, which makes Bianca feel even worse about the decisions she’s made. When she runs into Heath following a gym session, she is clearly giving him the cold shoulder.

Brax and Heath are trying to formulate a plan to move their dope but the cops are hot on their trail. Romeo is in a slump after his only charter booking is cancelled. When he is approached by the River Boys with a large down payment to secure a fishing charter for them, Romeo is tempted. He goes to Miles and they discuss the offer. Miles, of course, thinks the offer sounds dodgy, so Romeo returns the money and declines their offer.

Dex is accused of cheating on his exams after an incident with fellow student, Kate. When she turns up on his doorstep asking for tutoring lessons, Dex agrees… on the condition she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend.

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