Casey feels like he’s losing Ruby. Brax feels that Charlie is pushing him aside. And Heath is frustrated by Bianca’s uncertainty. The brothers decide to make a pact and forget their collective women problems. A massive tide descends on Summer Bay’s beach and Casey dives recklessly into it, hitting his head on the rocks. Brax and Heath save him, but in hospital Casey confesses to Brax that he risked his life because he’s scared of going to prison.

Charlie and Bianca also make a pact… to stay away from the River Boys. Brax and the lads are on a drinking binge to celebrate Casey’s survival tale, but the party is soon broken up by an unimpressed Charlie. Brax confesses to Charlie that he wants her back, but Charlie, mindful of the pact she has made with Bianca, walks away from him.

Leah and Miles’ relationship has been tense since losing the baby. He tries to talk to her, but she shuts him out. When a baby’s cot is delivered to the house Leah panics and demands Miles gets rid of it. Later when she’s at the hospital for a check-up, Leah tells Sid she doesn’t want to have any more children. But she doesn’t reveal her decision to Miles.