Brax has no idea who the shot at their house so he encourages Heath to keep away for Harley’s safety. Despite this, Heath decides to move back in. Bianca’s shocked to hear about the drive-by, and tells Heath to stay safe and offers to take Harley until things have died down but Heath refuses her help.

Wanting to protect Phoebe, Kyle tries to convince Mark to take her out of the Bay, but an angry Phoebe overhears. Mark suggests Kyle make Phoebe understand how worried he is about her safety. Kyle takes Mark’s advice, and tells Phoebe he doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost her. Phoebe realises she has to leave for him, and heads off with Mark.

As they search for Oscar, Hannah lashes out at Zac – if he hadn’t gotten drunk to avoid his problems, this wouldn’t have happened. On top of this, Andy blames Zac for his break up with Hannah. But he pushes Zac too far and they start fighting, before Brax diffuses the situation.

When Oscar turns up at the Diner, he has a panic attack and Andy looks after him while they wait for Hannah. After collecting Oscar, Zac argues with Andy again. Later, Zac tries to apologise to Andy – but Andy tells him to man up and sort his family out.