Bianca makes it home for Christmas!

Ricky tells the disappointed kids that Bianca won’t be home from prison before Christmas. Tiffany is upset that Bianca won’t be there to see her starring role in the Christmas concert. At the school play Tiff is halfway through her song with Shenice when Bianca walks in, sporting a shiner! A delighted Tiff runs over to hug her mum.

Jean dreams that Stacey is sending her an angel to protect her from being locked up by the benefit fraud office and decides Shenice is the angel. Shenice manages to escape Jean at the tube station after Jean, dressed in her peejays and dressing gown, forces Shenice out to ‘go skating’. Alfie calls Jean’s doctor as he thinks Jean needs to be in hospital. Kat is adamant Jean is staying at home.

Masood finds the note asking for help that Zainab left last week. Denise gets Zainab to the Minute Mart to talk to Masood. When Masood sees Zainab’s bruising he’s horrified, but they agree to keep up appearances to Yusef until they can find Kamil. Zainab texts Masood from Tamwar’s phone when Yusef agrees to bring Kamil home for a family dinner. Masood and Denise plot to rescue Kamil.