Bianca returns to Walford!

Pat is stunned when a dishevelled Bianca turns up on her doorstep and begins to sob. Pat encourages Bianca to open up but Bianca can’t bring herself to reveal the trouble she’s in and she’s so desperate that she considers stealing Pat’s credit card. Pat catches her red-handed and she finally admits that the kids have been taken into care and her boyfriend is in prison. A worried Pat promises to help Bianca out and she tells her to have a hot shower. While Bianca is out of the room, Pat secretly rings Ricky.

Shirley turns up for work early and is in an irritable mood. Phil realises that Shirley’s biopsy results are ready and encourages her to pick them up. Peggy sees them talking and worries that they are becoming romantically involved. Phil drops Shirley off at the hospital to collect her results, but she hesitates about going in…

Gus is coy when he meets Winston’s pretty niece Keisha, who reveals she needs some lyrics for the tracks she’s composing and would like to use his poetry. Gus realises that he’s fallen instantly in love!

Also, Chelsea gets the brush-off from Sean; Heather is keen to do a comedy routine at the Vic’s open mic night.

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