It’s the day of Rocco’s funeral and Bianca can’t face the crowd at the service. Irene suggests they make it family only and Bianca agrees, though the service is extremely emotional with a heartfelt eulogy from April. Bianca struggles to stay in control, however, and when the service is over, she can’t face being with everyone at Angelo’s so heads home.

Heath offers to stay with her but Bianca doesn’t want him there and when Irene returns to keep her company, Bianca reveals that she believes everything to be Heath’s fault; he taught her to believe in something and now her hope is gone…

Meanwhile, Heath heads to the beach with his brothers where his River Boy mates are there to support him. He paddles out to sea with a wreath and lets the current take it away, his own tribute to his dead son.

Roo and Harvey are still arguing about Alf’s money and Roo insists on giving it back. Roo confides in Leah who understands where she’s coming from but suggests she’s overreacting. Then Dex and April return from the funeral and put things in perspective for Roo. She quickly makes up with Harvey and accepts the money from Alf.